Concern LBE with plant health

  • The lbe products are the basis of carbonaceous compounds, macro and micro nutrients that act favoring the best and most complete plant nutrition;

  • Allowing to express roots stronger, more vigorous growth, greater resistance, less use of pesticides and with greater health;

  • The manufacturing process is unique in the market, technology and machines produced by the company itself, associating reactors at certain temperatures to manufacture its products;

  • Ecologically correct products, favoring the sustainability, respecting human beings and the environment.
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    Folha Assimilation of nitrogen

    The stability of the molecule biatômica of N2 determines its "inertia" chemistry and explains the difficulty of your process of reduction. In the laboratory or in industry, man achieves the reduction of the N2 to NH3 with catalysts for Fe and Mo at high temperatures and pressures by the procedure of Haber-Bosh[1].

    Folha Biotechnology for life

    Since the early days man tries to draw on the great alchemist of the universe, its creator, capable, with simple elements within a total entropy, allow the existence of all living systems that we know. Behold the enigma that starts the man of the cave to transport you to the modernity with its dissatisfaction with the known. The man is an eternal contestador of nature, dissatisfied, playing to be him the helper of the Creator.

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    Serious research for a better world

    The Division of Agriculture in the LBE was born in 1992 with the ideal of producing healthier foods in greater quantity and with less use of pesticides, backed by covenants Scientific Technician with renowned national and international institutions as: Embrapa - Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, INTA - National Institute of Agricultural Technology (Argentina) and Cornell Cooperative Extension Cornell University - NY - uses), among more.


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